Double Deuce Ackee, 19 oz



Double Deuce Ackee is a canned ackee (tin ackee), and takes you far away from everyday life and connects you with Jamaica's rich vibrations. Originally from the shores of West Africa, this unusual fruit, colorful on the outside and surprisingly tasty on the inside, is the national fruit of Jamaica.

Double Deuce Ackee makes preparation of ackee dishes quick and easy. Try Jamaica's traditional breakfast classic, ackee and saltfish - a favorite of renowned Jamaican athletes, beauty queens and legendary musicians. Ackee is also enjoyed cooked with vegetables and herbs for a vegan delight, as well as with smoked herring or corned pork. It is also a popular ingredient of Jamaican seasoned rice.

With a rich buttery color, the taste of the fruit can only be described as subtle, layered and delicate. Enjoy a truly Jamaican culinary experience.