Jamaica Mountain Peak Instant Coffee, 6 oz



Pick up this Jamaican Mountain Peak Instant Coffee to enjoy a refreshing and invigorating brew at home or on the go. Jamaica Mountain Peak Instant Coffee is prepared from freshly roasted and ground Arabica beans from which the solubles are extracted and spray-dried. It's made from beans that have been blended and roasted at the peak of their flavor and aroma for an authentic Jamaican taste. Enjoy a smooth, rich flavor and aroma in every cup at any time of the day.

This Mountain Peak instant coffee can be served either hot or cold and still retain its robust flavor. For hot coffee, simply place one teaspoonful in a cup, add boiling water and stir. Milk and sugar can be added as desired. For cold coffee, dissolve one heaped teaspoonful in a small amount of warm water in a glass; add ice and fill with cold water.

Available in Original Jamaican Mountain Peak Instant Coffee and Decaffeinated Jamaican Mountain Peak Instant Coffee.

Ingredients: Pure Coffee Blended and Roasted to the Peak of Perfection, to Give You the Real Jamaican Taste.

Product of Jamaica