Ting Sparkling Grapefruit Soda



Ting is a lightly carbonated soda or sparkling flavored beverage which is extremely popular in Jamaican and throughout the Caribbean. Ting is a lightly sparkling citrus cocktail chameleon made with the zing of real Caribbean grapefruit and a dash of glorious Jamaican sunshine. Both sweet and tart, it is jam-packed with the refreshing taste of paradise.

Ting is the ultimate thirst Quencher and the perfect mixer. It's the coolest Jamaican experience. Crafted to complement great spirits - makes the best tasting cocktails and proudly served at thousands of America's very best restaurants and bars.

Dive in to di flava of Jamaica. Refreshing till the end, experience the stimulating real Caribbean grapefruit sweetened with real cane sugar. Jamaica loves Ting. Ting loves Jamaica!