Grace Johnny Cake Mix, 9.52 oz



Grace Caribbean Mixes is a delicious range of Caribbean favorites, from desserts to side dishes. Just add a few ingredients to these convenient mixes and you will be able to capture all the flavor and goodness of real Caribbean home-cooking without the hassle! By just adding milk to this Grace Johnny Cake mix , you can make the most delicious Caribbean homemade johnny cakes/fried dumplings/bakes.  It yields 16, 3 inch Johnny Cakes.

An ideal accompaniment for any Caribbean breakfast including ackee and saltfish, saltfish buljol, corned beef, and callaloo, also try wrapping the dough around cheese, peanut butter, apple, chicken or your favorite food, to make a delicious snack.

Grace Johnny Cake Mix is Grace Kitchens approved to guarantee your satisfaction. Now you can make fried dumpling in record time!

Product of Canada.