Excelsior Water Crackers, 10.58 oz

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Excelsior Water Crackers is a staple in any Jamaican pantry. The biscuit of choice in Jamaica, and also called tough crackers, these round mouthfuls are celebrated for their unique flavor and trademark toughness. They are made with the special wood-burning brick oven baking technique used in their production for over 100 years.

A 'Fat Free' staple food item, which is an ideal substitute for bread and contains no shortening, artificial color or flavor. It goes well with all things Jamaican, and is a favorite with butter, cheese, jam, solomon gundy, steamed fish, and as a breakfast cereal or by themselves as a healthy snack!  It is a party favorite, consumed with hors d' oeuvres and hot and cold beverages. 

These crackers are truly Jamaica's favorite!