Grace Saltfish Fritters Mix, 9.52 oz



Grace Caribbean Mixes is a delicious range of Caribbean favorites, from desserts to side dishes. Just add a few ingredients to these convenient mixes and you will be able to capture all the flavor and goodness of real Caribbean home-cooking without the hassle.

Now you can conveniently make saltfish fritters (fried fish cakes) at home with Grace Seasoned Mix for Saltfish Fritters (Frituras de Bacalao). Just add water to form a batter. Use on it own or add soaked, flaked and deboned saltfish and fry to make crispy, delicious Jamaican saltfish fritters. You can also substitute saltfish with canned corned beef, drained canned sardines or bacon bits. Real Caribbean homemade taste that's perfect for breakfast, as a snack or as an appetizer! Makes up to 40 fritters.

Product of Canada